Texas Holdem Winning Hands Rankings

Order Of Poker Hands Suit Directions

Poker-hand ranking systems are used in popular forms of poker, such as Texas Holdem and poker-based online casino games such as 3-card poker. This guide highlights the order of poker hands suits directions ranging from high to low hand in poker that you can play in the best casinos online. But, how do you remember poker hand rankings? We will make it more clear and understandable for you, so you can remember the poker hands easily.

Basic Texas Holdem Rules: The Best Hand Wins

As for the basic Texas Holdem rules and the gameplay, here is a quick look into the key basics and Texas Holdem directions:

  • Every player starts out with 2 cards.
  • The dealer will spread 3 cards (the flop), 1 card (the turn), and another card (the river). With these five cards and another 2 extra dealt to individual players, everyone has a chance to make the best 5-card poker hand and win the pot prize.
  • Each player will take turns to bet before and after revealing each card. All players have to put the same amount of chips in the pot.
  • The pot will be equally shared if two or more players finish with identical winning card hands.

Order of Poker Hands Suit Directions

Texas Holdem Winning Hands. Know the Highest Hand in Poker? What is ‘Your Take’?

Royal Flush is known to every poker player as the strongest hand in the poker hand rankings. However, Texas Holdem hand rankings don’t stop here. Not for computer games, nor for poker on mobile phones. We just compiled a comprehensive table of poker hands ranked from the highest to the lowest. If you’re a beginner in poker, knowing your way around the order of winning poker hands is a crucial step in learning how to outsmart your opponents with your cards.

Traditional High Online Poker Hand Ranks

Texas Hold’em Poker hand order explained work for Texas Holdem multiplayer online games and traditional online poker games too. Below are the traditional poker hands highest to lowest rankings:

  • Five of a Kind. This is a 5 of a kind composition only possible with wild cards and the highest possible in the Order of hands in poker. If two players have 5 of a kind, the hand with a higher card wins.
  • Straight Flush. As a natural hand, the straight flush is the best you’ll find. This is a straight 5-cards order and same suit composition, e.g. 5-6-7-8-9. An Ace high straight flush, or a Royal Flush, is the highest-ranked natural hand.
  • Four of a Kind. This combines 4 cards of the same rank. If two players end up with two hands that qualify, the hand with the higher-rank 4 of a kind wins.
  • Full House. A full house has 3 of a kind and a pair, such as K-K-K-5-5.
  • Flush. A flush is a hand composition with all cards of the same suit. This could be a J-8-5-3-2, all of the spades. In case of a tie, the high card rules apply.
  • Straight. A straight consists of 5 cards in order, e.g. 4-5-6-8. There may be a high Ace such as A-K-Q-J-T or a low such as 5-4-3-2-1. In the case of a tie, the highest straight wins. If two players end up with straights of the same value, a split pot follows.
  • Three of a Kind. 2 cards that are not a pair matching 3 cards of any rank make this hand. Again, in a tie situation, a hand with the highest 3 of a kind wins. If both hands rank the same, then compare the high cards.
  • Two Pair. This consists of two distinct pairs of cards and a fifth. The highest pair breaks ties. If two hands have identical high pair, then the second pair takes a win. And if both hands have the same pairs, it becomes the high-card situation.
  • Pair. One pair with 3 distinct cards. High card wins ties.
  • High Card. This is the last rank in the poker hierarchy and any other hand not qualifying as any of the above. If none of the players has a pair or a better, the highest card wins. In case of ties with the highest cards, a second highest will be considered, then third, and so on.

Here is an outline of a few Texas Hold’em card rankings with their probabilities.

Rank Hand Name Probability
1 Royal Flush 1 in 649,737
2 Straight Flush 1 in 72,193
3 Four of a kind 1 in 4,164
4 Full house 1 in 693

Poker Hands FAQs

What is the highest hand in Texas Hold ’em poker?

A Royal flush is the best poker hand possible. It consists of A, K, Q, J, and 10, with all these having the same suit.

What are good starting card combinations?

Pocket aces make the best starting poker hand, followed by pocket kings, queens, and pocket jacks, and so on.

What percentage of Texas Holdem poker hands should I play?

18 – 22% of the hands is the recommended range.

Where can I play free poker?

You can use our links to find the best free Texas Hold’em online collections. On Texas Holdem Louisville Poker Games you can find where to play Texas Holdem free no download games.