Poker Podcasts 2021

Poker Podcasts 2021

Poker podcasts keep you updated about the latest poker news. You can listen to any live poker podcast by installing a podcast app into your android or mp3 and subscribe to the channel. The outdated or clickbait articles can misguide you. Here, we guide you to the best poker news podcast in detail.

Top Poker Podcasts in 2021

The top poker news podcast and online poker books update you with the lifestyle, strategies, and news about exciting events in the poker scene.
We aim to provide you with the names of the best poker podcast to amuse and update you with the strategies of poker champions.

Podcast Host Description
Smart poker study Sky Matsuhashi talks over poker Cash games for all poker stakes and games, including No Limit Hold’em (NLHE), Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and Stud variations of poker. You get updated with the strategy and FAQs about the listeners’ interest once a week on one of the best poker podcasts.
Heads up Poker podcast Steve interviews famous and professional poker players around the globe. He also discusses the strategies of poker cash games and tournaments.
Chasing Poker Greatness Brad Wilson introduces to you behind-the-scenes of most popular poker figures. Chasing poker greatness aim to share those strategies, struggle of invaluable lessons and much more.
Poker on the mind podcast Two Red Chip Poker coaches host the perfect intermix strategy and mental game podcast.
Thinking Poker Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis interviews with famous and BTS figures from the poker world.
The poker coaching podcast Jonathan Little a mix of in-depth strategy content and inspirational life advice by the WPT Champion
The Mindset Advantage Poker podcast Elliot Roe It aims at making you a pro poker player by moulding your mindset.

Poker Podcasts Free

You can listen to Best poker pro podcasts free for news, tips to improve your strategies, hand analyses, and interviews with your pro poker players. The list of poker podcasts free is given below:

  • The Chip Race: David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney present The Chip Race. It is GPI Global Poker Award-Winning Podcast that is sponsored by Unibet Poker.
  • Post flop poker podcast: If you are a subscriber to post-flop poker podcast, you can get practical and useful insights to apply at the tables. You can learn to improve the game and let your confidence enhance in your post-flop decision-making through free poker lessons.
  • The rake podcast: It comes in the list of top poker news podcast which keeps you up-to-date with the news you may miss within a week.
  • The Heart of Poker Podcast: Kara Scott started the Heart of Poker podcast as a presenter and reporter for some of the top poker media outlets and operations. With over 200k subscribers only on YouTube, this podcast has a lot of fans.

Good Poker Podcasts for Beginners

If you are a beginner, a poker podcast can be a boost and serve as a free poker lesson for you. Here is a listPodcasts for Beginner Poker Players of poker podcasts for beginner poker players. The beginners get a chance to obtain all the necessary and detailed information about Texas Hold’em Mathematics through audible originals, audiobooks and podcasts.

  • Thinking Poker Podcast. It is the best poker pro podcast for the beginner as it discusses the exciting topics of the poker industry. It varies from lifestyles, poker strategies and poker news along with reviews.
  • The Red Chip Poker Podcast. These Texas Holdem poker podcasts are related to sports betting game training. It may be the ultimate poker podcast for beginners as it sheds light on the professional of the poker industry to chip in.
  • The Carrot Corner Podcast. Peter Clarke host the podcast. Pete is a professional poker player and the top poker coach for Online No-Limit Texas Holdem. The podcast’s main topic is online cash games but can help beginners with live poker or tournament as well.
  • One outer podcast. The combo of the best interviewer and professional poker player host the podcast. The witty interviews by Barry and quick answers by Alex- whoa!! What’s the best poker strategy podcast?


What is a poker podcast?

A poker podcast is all the audio information related to the poker game, professional players. The topics include live games, cash games, tournaments, their strategies, and skills etc. The issue usually depends on the interest of the host or podcaster.

Is there any poker podcast for beginner players?

The are many great poker podcasts for beginners, and the Poker Coaching podcast by Jonathan Little is the best amongst them.

Do live poker podcasts charge you?

The poker podcast is an absolutely free means of learning poker. The show’s topics vary from beginner tips to pro-level strategies, which are helpful for you to improve your game.

How can you listen to a poker podcast?

A podcast is in the form of a downloadable digital file that you can listen live or recorded via a browser. You can listen to poker podcasts free on your phone, on your laptop, or iPod/iPad.