Best Poker Books for Beginners

Best Poker Books for Beginners

The best poker books are the safest means of getting reliable information about poker games, even with the power of Google search, which has made it easy to explore any query.
The poker gambling industry has taken a turn from entertainment to betting and competing with the professionals in million-dollar challenges. The poker game experts have written the best Texas Holdem books to pass on their knowledge to new generation gamblers.

Top Poker Book: Chart 2021

The card game of poker is the intermix of skill, strategy and luck. The best Texas Holdem poker books provide you with an insight into the games and tricky strategies to win the games. It provides you information about bet, check, raise, or what fold in poker means etc.
Here is given a list of the most useful and top Texas Holdem books for beginners:

  • Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em by Jonathen Little. The multiple authors of the book have shown you a skill set to reach the top position of the game. It entails a variety of topics that enables gamblers to earn a handsome profit through poker.
  • The Theory of Poker by David Sklanky. This is a good poker book that covers the variations of poker, including Texas Holdem games secrets.
  • These concepts cover fundamental concepts of all forms of poker, including psychology, bluffing, odds, etc.
  • Elements of Poker (2007) – Tommy Angelo. The author aims at making you enjoy the game rather than teaching it. It elevates your insight into the game beyond position, EV, and pot odds.
  • Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments. The gamblers ought to fight against thousands of competitors to make their way to Unlimited cash and prizes.

Free Poker Ebooks

  • Massive Profit at the Micro. It is the best free poker eBook. It converts your tens into million dollars in low stakes poker games.
  • Essential Math Poker by Alton Hardin. The online poker book helps even those beginners who are not sure of the basic concept of mathematics. The author uses a simple approach to make you comprehend the basic concepts of poker math, such as equity counting odds, pot odds, and so on.

Here is the quote from students reviews on Alton Hardin`s courses:

So I watched a couple of episodes from them which covered the the rudimentary’s but having watched this course now I have realised that I was playing with both hands tied behind my back. I am now itching to do more of Alton’s courses and then possibly getting some tuition from him in the very near future. Top course Alton!


Best Beginner Poker Books

We chose two general poker books for beginners Poker Books for Beginnershere for you to look at. Also, read about podcasts for beginner poker players which are equally important as good poker books.

  • Master Micro Stakes Poker by Alton Hardin. It might be the best teaching book on poker for the struggling poker player. Since micro stakes are budget-friendly, and hence the beginners are recommended to start their journey after reading it.
  • Poker Math and Preflop workbook by James Splitsuit Sweeney. This is the best poker book for newbies to learn the key formulas, the underlying theory of poker, and the practical application of your understanding. The language is easy, and after reading the book, you can master the game.

Best Books on Texas Holdem

Name of the book Writer Year Description
Sit ‘n go strategy Collin Moshman July 20, 2007 It divides the strategy into low blind play, mid bling play and high blind play. He enables beginners to achieve long term success.
Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments Dan Harrington 2004 The author is the champion, and his book is great for live and online tournaments.
Modern Poker Theory Building, an Unbeatable Strategy, Based on GTO Principles Michael Acevedo March 5,2019 Texas Hold’em book focuses on explaining the mathematical aspect of the game. GTO helps you comprehend the basic principle of Texas Hold’em Poker and make better decisions.
Elements of Poker Tommy Angelou May 30, 2007 Rather than strategy, it focuses on long-lasting success. The topics include how to play, when to quit, how to manage your money, how to control emotions, etc.
Playing The Player Ed Miller May 22, 2012 The book focuses on different playing styles and wins against the opponents using preflop or postflop strategy
Exploitative Play in Live Poker Alexander Fitzgerald November 19, 2018 The book focuses on exploiting others and taking advantage of their mistakes.
The Mental Game of Poker Jared Tendler 2011 The author focuses on controlling your emotions while facing variance.

Poker Strategy Books Online

Although poker is the game of cards, it depends more on strategy. You can read books on poker online for free to master the skills to win and earn. The best online Poker books to crash a tournament of Texas Holdem Poker Games include:

  • Poker for Dummies by Richard D. Harroch and Lou Krieger.
  • Power Hold’em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu’s.
  • Super/System by Doyle Brunson.


Are poker books worth reading for beginners?

The versatility of authors in the best poker books for newbies help you not only understand the game but also gain knowledge about the origin and history of poker.

Is poker a game of luck or skill?

Poker is largely the game of skill. Once you achieve competence in mathematical calculation, there is a higher chance of your winning. However, the aspect of luck cannot also be overlooked.

How much can you earn through poker?

You can earn millions of dollars by winning the games on online tournaments and live cash games. All you need is to achieve a skillset and follow a strategy.

Which is the most popular game of poker?

Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular game of poker because of its variations. The game is very easy for beginners yet hard to master.